Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bats Day Holiday Black Market Was a Blast, In Spite of the Rain!

It rained most of the day on Nov. 6...but rain apparently doesn't stop the die-hards of darkness from emerging from their lairs to see the handmade work of superb artists and craftspeople! Thus, Bats Day Holiday Black Market had some substantial traffic from feet in black granny boots. We had great conversations with hatmakers, corset builders, sellers of antique steampunk accessories, fellow artists, and fellow designers of creepy T-shirts. There was a bar on the premises too, so we took turns manning our booth AND shopping with cosmos in hand. (A bar is always a great tool for increasing sales! I don't regret any of the purchases I made, but I certainly was not watching my budget as closely as I do when I haven't had a cocktail or two.)
Here's a picture of our booth provided by Krisztianna, a wonderful artist with her own Web site and blog. I bought a gorgeous print of her work at DeviantArt yesterday. Visit her at Not only is the art on the site a pleasure to look at, but she also sets an example for all of us artists who should be more devoted to good blog writing and photography. On Sunday we also had very nice conversations with Eric Pigors, the creator of Toxic Toons. We've been fans of his for a long time, and it was great to meet him in person! His online store is at Talking with Juan of MTNT Mutante Leathers was also great. He sells his darkly intricate leather cuffs and jewelry at Fairfax and Melrose every Sunday (booth #122). Visit him on Facebook at
Other awesome people/companies we met at Bats Day that everyone should check out:
We're also planning to visit Bar Sinister this Saturday night! They're at Hope we see some of our Bats Day fellows there!
And, of course, visit the Bats Day official site at
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